FUJIMOTO & FUJIMOTO was founded in 1973. We deal with IP matters including prosecutions and litigations as well as other business law matters. Since 1973, we filed 7,000 patents, 4,000 utility models, 700 designs, 2000 trademarks for our clients.


Hideo FUJIMOTO; Patent attorney

Eiji FUJIMOTO; Attorney at Law (Japan, New York), Patent Attorney

Koki NISHIMURA; Patent Attorney

Yuko Tominaga; Attorney at Law, B. Pharm., JD

Kim Suna; Attorney at Law, JD



Osaka-jo Kitazume Fujimoto Bldg.

2-8-14, Katamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka, 534-0025, JAPAN

TEL : 81-6-6352-5539

FAX : 81-6-6352-7629

email : fujipatlaw@fujipatlaw.com